Behind the Rock

Behind the Rock

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Rejoice in the splendor of Morongo Valley while taking your respite at the boulder.

Photo taken in Big Morongo Canyon, California, 2018

* Each print is made to order, signed by the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

* Prints are processed by a professional lab using Fuji Chrystal Archive Luster paper. The paper has a longevity of 100 years when cared for and displayed in normal settings, ensuring your print will last a lifetime.

* If you choose to add a white mat, your photograph will be elegantly mounted and ready to  frame. All mats come in a smooth white color, and are approximately 2 inches wide. they have a 4-ply (1/16" thick) bevel cut and buffered pH neutral (acid-free).

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Choosing the right print size

SMALL : (8x10 or 6x9 or 8x8 inches). This is the perfect size for an intimate setting in a smaller space. It is ideal to place on a piece of furniture or for a gift that is easy to carry.

MEDIUM : (11x14 or 10x15 or 12x12 inches). Will stand on its own or with other pieces of art on any wall. This size is versatile enough to go in almost any space and catch the eye. Each MEDIUM size print is made to a limited edition of 300, making it a thoughtful rare gift.

LARGE: (16x20 or 16x24 or 20x20 inches). This size make a statement. It works well to dress-up a wall with a unique piece of art. Perfect for high ceilings. Each LARGE size print is made to a limited edition of 300, making it a thoughtful rare gift.

Care Instructions

All materials used in the production and presentation of your photograph are of archival quality to ensure the longest life for your print. When hanging work, please avoid areas that have strong direct light (e.g., near a window), fluctuating humidity (e.g., a bathroom) or high heat (e.g., near a radiator or other heat source).