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Let timeless nature illuminate your spaces...

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When color meets serenity

Serenity and timelessness are my images' essentials. Give your living spaces what Nature has best to offer revealing its vibrant and warm spirit. 

Play with Goofy Nature...

Look up for trees in the skies...

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A little bit about Delphine

I am Delphine Bordas. From French and Spanish decent I grew up in Paris, France.  After my university studies I seized every opportunity to work abroad and explore new places: England, followed by Singapore, Italy, Germany, Hawaii, and now, to the beautiful Californian desert of the American Southwest.

I have a passion for Black & White photography. Twenty years ago I started developing & printing my B&W pictures, enjoying spending hours in a dark room. Nowadays, using digital technology, I still keep my style candid and timeless. Above all I love to capture the beautiful landscapes nature has to offer, catching their vibrant and warm spirit. 

Cell: 808-445-0830